Reflections on the uncertain, blind transition through male young adulthood. 
Nine panel artwork with young men tussling in a poll and a military battle map.

Take the Objective. 36 x 48 in. Digital photography on a military battle planning map. Archival prints mounted on gaiterboard. 

Black and white digital photograph of a map and young men tussling in a pool.

Shades of Grey. Altered digital photograph. 16 x 20 in. 

Digital photograph of two boys swimming in a pool.

Boundary Water. Digital Photograph. 16 x 20 in. Framed archival print on Red River Polar Gloss Metallic paper. 

Altered digital photograph of boys tussling in a pool. Red, white and black.

Into It. Altered digital photograph, archival print on Red River Arctic Polar Luster. 16 x 20 in. 

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