River City Reflections
A participatory artwork that illuminates the public's hopes and desires for the future of Richmond, Va.
1708Gallery, InLight, at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, November 16 & 17, 2018.
Written wishes for the future of Richmond are placed in translucent illuminated vessels,
floated down the rapids at the VMFA, and come to rest together as the community's intention for a better future.
3,500 wishes were shared. Publication to follow on the website and Instagram.
Agree  Disagree
The Apple privacy policy is displayed in its entirety, and is read by an electronic voice at 300 words per minute. The document takes 1 hour and 28 minutes to read. Viewers are presented with an alternating video message, referencing their decision to accept the policy or not. Viewers are encouraged to discuss their perceptions of privacy policies with each other and with the artist.
I am Your Digital Identity
Participants drew images on credit card blanks that refer to themselves in a personal way. A sticker representing a credit card chip was affixed to each, and the participants imparted their energy into the chip. During this small ritual, the artist had conversations with each participant (over 125 total) about online privacy, data security and internet exploitation. 

Ceci n'est pas une gateau.
The catalyst for conversation in this work are two cakes and the complete US Supreme Court brief pertaining to the  Masterpiece Bakery vs the State of Colorado discrimination lawsuit. Participants served themselves cake and discussed the implications of the case for law and art as they shared a treat with the artist. 
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