Agree  Disagree
Personal and sensitive data is shared online, often with permission. This installation displays the complete text of privacy and service policy updates, with a simulated reading of the document. (1hour 28 minutes).
I am Your Digital Identity
Participants drew images of importance to their identity on credit card blanks. 
A sticker representing a credit card chip was affixed to each, and the participants
personally imparted their energy into the chip. During this small ritual, the artist
 had conversations with each participant (over 150 total)
about online privacy, data security and internet exploitation. 

Ceci n'est pas une gateau.
Two labeled cakes and the US Supreme Court brief pertaining to the 
Colorado State Masterpiece Cakes discrimination lawsuit. 
Participants served themselves cake while the artist
discussed with them implications of the case for law and art. 
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