My art originates in reading and research into contemporary social issues, the environment, discriminatory public policy, and the challenges faced by youth today. Frequently, it takes the form of digitally manipulated photographs, created by reworking and reconfiguring recognizable images through layering and image manipulation. I draw on visual languages, responding to ideas and larger conceptual frameworks in the details, references, or juxtaposition of content. I also create works based on relational aesthetics. These installations engage community members in conversation about the present and future of their environment. Essentially, my approach is an instrument to stimulate mutual understanding, community, and positive social engagement.
My story has many interwoven and complementary threads: military surgeon, directing healthcare education, developing public health initiatives for immigrant populations, producing theater performances and films, and creating visual and performance artwork. Art is consistently present in my work. I have found it is a potent tool for organizing medical teams, developing academic and community initiatives, and engaging the public. I am recognized for my accomplishments in film, video, interactive art, and continuing professional education. My work is in private and public collections, including: The Virginia Commission for the Arts, The Duke University Archives, The Valentine Museum, TPT Minnesota Public Media Video Vault, The James River Association and Meta. In addition to other academic degrees, I have an MFA in kinetic imaging from Virginia Commonwealth University. My home and studio are in Richmond, Virginia, USA.
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